One-Day Follow Up Workshop

This  one day follow-up workshop is for those who have completed the 4-Day programme, covering new content as well as revisiting topics from the first series of workshops. The workshop services the main centres  (e.g. Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch).

5.1     Re-Introducing and getting to know one another

  • Matching ELLP terms and definitions

5.2     Sharing of learning intentions and success criteria

  • LI: We are learning to use effective strategies to support the oracy and literacy development of Pasifika students.
  • SC:We will know we have achieved this when we can create our own strategies based on the models provided.

5.3    Understanding & ranking aspects of effective teaching and learning

5.4   Negotiating comprehension of target vocabulary: Bilingual Word Match for “I Le Malae Va’alele”

5.5   Using four language skills: Skills Flow ‘I le Malae Va’alele’ and “Orfie The Flying Fox”

5.6    Multilingual Word-Picture Match ‘Orfie The Flying Fox’

5.7    Understanding and using positional language: Picture Dictation

5.8    Listening for Mistakes and justifying responses

5.9    Using mini role play to produce language and target vocabulary: Say It!

  • Revisit learning intentions and success criteria
  • Complete oral feedback and written evaluation forms



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