This website has been built for participants in the programme to upload, share and discuss resources and ideas developed at the face-to-face workshops as a way to spread and enhance knowledge and skills.

Accessing and commenting on resources shared by your colleagues

To view resources posted by your colleagues you can navigate to the Workshop Blogs and finding the workshop you are interested in, by using the menu at the top of this site:


You can also browse blog posts from the Categories menu on the left of the page:


Using this site to share your resources from the workshops

If you are currently doing one of our programmes, or have finished one, and want to upload resources to share with your colleagues, use the login details you have been provided with to access the admin dashboard and post to the category for the workshop it relates to.

For help posting your resources using this WordPress site, look at these links:

Below is a simplified version of the instructions, to get you started, however, it is strongly recommended that you read the help links post above to get a solid understanding:
  1. Login: Click on the ‘Log in’ link on the top right of your main navigation menu, or from the link at the bottom of your left-hand side navigation menu.



    • Enter your username and password into the following screen:



  1. Add a new post: Click on the “+ New” button at the top of the screen and select “post” from the dropdown menu that appears:

new post

    • Write content using the editor tool (behaves like Word), and upload any images or other files you want to share.


  1. Publish: Before pressing the “Publish” button, make sure you select the correct category for your Blog post from the following options:





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