Feedback Oamaru Cluster 2013 Teacher Aides

The workshops were fantastic. The content was appropriate, realistic and rich in learning opportunities. They were well paced and had a good variety of activities that involved both listening and participation. Both Rae and Helena were excellent presenters who made us all feel empowered for when we return to our own schools.


The presenters made everything very clear and were friendly and approachable. There were lots of opportunities for interaction, which were non-threatening and fun. We felt secure enough to open up to each other and I came away with a much greater appreciation of the challenges Pasifika students face.


This is one of the most friendly, enjoyable professional development sessions I have had for a long time, much needed. I feel I can take so much back and apply with my children.


Absolutely amazing course: I feel so very blessed to have this opportunity to have the passion for education for all our students to be reignited.


I was very impressed and moved, even motivated, by this training. Knowing there is someone (Rae) and a group of people supporting our Pasifika children, having passion, a love for teaching and an understanding of what our Pasifika children are experiencing. They have helped us to see the value of relating home and school life. Thank you!



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