Pasifika Teacher Aide four day and two day professional development programmes including in-school visits

Pasifika Bilingual Teacher Aide Training is specifically designed to help bilingual Pasifika teacher aides and any other teacher aide working alongside Pasifika learners in mainstream classrooms. The programme is focussed on approaches and methodologies to support these learners in their literacy development and encourage effective use of their first language. Four day programmes are offered to clusters of schools in the main centres, and two day programmes are offered to clusters of schools in areas outside the main centres.  The clusters consist of up to 10 schools with each school registering up to three teacher aides and one coordinating teacher per school.

Schools are targeted to participate in these programmes by the Ministry.  A range of activities guide this process including:

  • a  check of the number of ESOL funded students in a specific area
  • consultation with Ministry ESOL verifiers, Pasifika advisors, SAFs, ECP advisors, and Regional Offices regarding the PLD needs of this targeted list of schools to confirm that they would benefit from Pasifika-focussed professional development.


Following this process, principals from the targeted schools are then asked to complete a registration of interest faxback.

If you have any questions about this professional development, please contact:

Kirsty MacDiarmid

Senior Adviser ESOL | National Migrant, Refugee and International Education Team

Ministry of Education

+64-9 632 9368





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