By Bereneice Cathro, Teacher Aide, Massey Primary School

I made up this game to cater for the differing levels of English languages known. As you can see in the pictures I have a variety of cards including pictures of the action and action words in English and the home language (I needed Samoan and Slovenian for my students). So I had a set for each language group. All the boards are in English. Sometimes we would say the word, sometimes we would mime the action. I have used the cards as a match-up game as well. This is a good template to learn other topic words.

Action (verb) Bingo

One thought on “Action (verb) Bingo

  • Talofa Bereneice

    I am really impressed with your creativity in the development of this task – modifying a bingo game/matching task to enable it be played bilingually or multilingually: Wonderful work. You also have a particular grammar focus specifying action verbs. It’s great. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Please share more!

    Ia manuia

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